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It seems like only yesterday that my dad began helping me find and buy my first car.  I had my heart set on one getting one of those used, fancy German performance cars; the ones that you always look at twice as they drive by.  My dad warned me about it incessantly.   I remember him driving me to our local car mechanic where my father asked the mechanic about the sensibility of buying this particular manufacturer of German car.  The mechanic, Paul, proceeded to talk…no preach…for 15 minutes about the follies of buying such a car.

The bottom line…I didn’t listen.  I got the German car, and it seems like it took 25 years before I was able to pay my dad off for all the repairs that needed to be done on it soon after.  This car truly was “lipstick on a pig”.  The lesson I learned was that if you want to learn how well something works, talk to the people who know how well it breaks.   Broken cameras don’t lie!

This was the reason I started CameraRepair.org.  This is a camera photography and camera enthusiast blog website, with information provided by seasoned and specially trained C.R.I.S. camera repair technicians and supporting staff.  They know all the pros and cons of digital cameras, film cameras, camcorders, accessories, etc because they see thousands of them every year.

CameraRepair.org is a blog that gets regular contributions by these veterans of the photography and camera repair industry.   Whether they are technicians, quality assurance reps, customer service reps, estimators, or anyone in between, we only allow those people who are “in the know” to contribute.

There is a lot of myth and a lot of misinformation put out on the internet in regards to camera technology and camera repair issues.  The technicians at C.R.I.S. Camera Services created this blog to help both amateur and professional photographers out there learn more about their cameras and photography, from the point of view of the technicians who see them fail thousands of times.

Feel free to comment on any blogs you find interesting, you agree with, or even those that you disagree with.  We welcome healthy discussion.

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We have been repairing cameras and lenses for 26 years and have an A+ Rating with the BBB.  You’ll get a quick, quality camera repair, with outstanding C.R.I.S. customer service.