National Photo Month Wrap-Up

by camerarepair on

NPM USA 2012

National Photo Month has come to an end and we don’t know about you but it was a blast for us! Just to recap here are the challenges and the photos we took to challenge you (click to embiggenate them):


Phoneography Challenge


Food Photography Challenge


Silhouette Photography Challenge


Wildlife Photography Challenge

The best way to keep your “photographic eye” is to practice, practice, practice. Just because it’s over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep challenging yourself each week with some sort of photography project. And now that it’s summer time for us here in the northern hemisphere the days are getting longer which means… MORE LIGHT! If you still want to challenge yourself but have difficulty coming up with ideas there is always a weekly challenge over at Digital Photography School. Unfortunately this year here in the USA our National Photo Month (May) didn’t seem to gain too much traction. Interestingly enough the United Kingdom has started their very first National Photo Month (June) and it is already being supported by Canon. So if this month left you needing more keep it up with the UK’s inaugural Photo Month.

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