Custom Modifications for Digital Cameras

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Pentax digital camera

Have you ever wished that your digital camera had a feature that it didn’t come with?  Or perhaps a feature that may be available on a higher end model that your camera doesn’t have?  Well, all hope might not be lost!  In some cases and with the right expertise these features can be added to your existing camera for a nominal fee.

Recently a customer inquired about adding a remote trigger to his digital camera that was not available as a manufacturer supplied option.  This particular customer operates a business that shoots digital aerial photographs from remote controlled planes.  He purchased a Pentax Optio W30 digital camera with the intention of inserting it into the hollow body of his remote controlled aircraft.  This compact digital camera is ideal for this set up because of its thin profile, excellent image quality, and water resistance.  The problem with this model, however, is that it did not come standard with a remote controlled picture taking option.  After speaking with customer service and the supervisor in charge of Pentax digital camera repair, it was determined that this camera could be modified to suit the customer’s needs.  The covers of the camera were modified to receive a remote triggering system and the modification was extensively tested at our quality control department to ensure proper operation.  A few weeks and flights later, the customer kindly provided some images taken with the camera, and they were exceptional in image quality!

In an unfortunate turn of events, the customer contacted our repair department a month later after the plane and camera were involved in a crash, needing additional repairs.  Remarkably, the camera suffered very little damage.  During this repair, the camera modification was improved upon providing an additional level of ruggedness to the modification’s original design, thus making subsequent impacts even less of a factor.  Let’s hope that the camera and the plane both have smooth flights from here on out.

Upgrades like these were very common with film based cameras and are becoming more of an option with digital cameras.  If you have an idea for a feature that you would like added, or a modification that you would like carried out, please contact to inquire whether your desired modifications are available.

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Paul Phillips March 31, 2013 at

I need a modification to a digital camera.

The image must show the maximum decibels created by a sound that approaches and leaves the camera’s presence.

I need to be able to adjust the camera for sound level to trigger operation.

There will be two cameras independent of each other except for the decibel meter connection.

Fast turn-on important (2 seconds maximum).

If any lower-priced cameras that are good with videos can have the input of the decibel meter’s signal result in a numerical display on the image.

I visualize a decibel meter connected by cables to the two cameras, a power cord to all, but how to get the sound reading on the image is the problem.

I will be very grateful to you if you can assist with this. I hope you are also able to furnish the cameras etc. I can build the housing for it all.

Paul Phillips
Spokane, Washington


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