Google TV: What Does That Mean For YOU As a Photographer?

Google TV images

by Andrew on

Other than the obvious advantage of having a high definition 52” photo album to share with friends or even clients, why would you, a photographer, be interested in Google TV?

Google TV essentially turns your television set into a smartphone, only on a much larger scale.  One of the greatest advantages for a photographer is the ability to view, and even edit photos using one of the thousands of apps available.  Strobox, a free app that allows you to quickly and easily create lighting diagrams, will allow you to show your assistant and art director your vision without having to squint at a 3” screen.   Apps changed how we use phones and will change the way we use our televisions. The already abundant apps already demonstrate the potential power you’ll have.

Another benefit GTV brings is being able to search the internet without scrolling multiple times through the browser will be great in helping you to save time.  If a client wants to look at your site, you can use your TV as a conference tool allowing for everyone around the table to view your work.  You can even monitor the studio while you’re away utilizing the broader view of your TV to see what’s happening.  Video conference, anyone?

What other great potential does GTV bring to photographers?  We’re hoping for an app that will allow syncing of a computer to the television!  How convenient would it be to have clients view the images you’re shooting while sitting in a lounge?!

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