10 Ways to get Better Snapshots

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We got some recent twitter requests to share a little how-to knowledge about photography. So here you go, Ten Ways To Get Better Snapshots:

1.    GET CLOSER – A lot of snapshots lack focus or really show the viewer where to look because the subject is obscured by being too far away. This happens a lot of the time when people are uncomfortable using a camera. All you have to do is walk up a little more or, if you’re feeling brave, even try a lot more.

2.    NEW ANGLE – Most of the time, when you take a quick photo, it is straight on at your eye level. One way to add some interest is to move around to get some different perspectives. You would be surprised that just a little bit of movement goes a long way to alter the look of your photos. You don’t necessarily have to climb a ladder or lay on the floor to get a unique effect but that certainly wouldn’t hurt either.

3.    LOCATION – Snapshots, by a very general definition, are a capturing of something already happening, such as a party. In these situations it is expected so don’t be afraid to ask some guests to move to another area. Maybe in the heat of the moment you notice there’s a really appealing piece of furniture or lighting you want to capture.

4.    CANDID – This can be a little tricky for some. Keep shooting until your subject stops paying attention to the camera. Candid photos end up being favorites because they are often much more appealing and honest than ones where you ask someone to pose.

5.    DON’T COUNT IT OFF – Don’t count to three when you are taking a photo of a group. Instead just start snapping, everyone will get the idea and settle. Another tactic is playing a “trick” on your subjects by counting to random numbers and even taking pictures between numbers. Whatever you choose to do, you might capture some really funny moments as everyone is wondering what you are doing and trying to figure out how to stand.

6.    PUT MORE PEOPLE IN – Instead of taking small snapshots of people already grouped off, try and herd everyone together. If you have a remote or feel confident in your self-timer skills, set up a tripod and get you into the picture too. Photos from functions that show everyone together can be really treasured and important.

7.    USE A LONG LENS – In order to get even more candid shots, it can be great to use a long lens. You can be far away and get shots without being noticed at all.

8.    THE LITTLE THINGS – Not all your snapshots have to be of people. It’s good to get some of the details as well. Much like people often snap a photo of the birthday cake, there are always little details to capture. Toys, clothing, party favors and even jewelry might seem like nothing important now, but can stir up very vivid memories in the future.

9.    GIVE A KID A CAMERA – As long as you don’t have a really expensive piece of equipment or have to supervise the child real closely, you can get a really interesting outlook by allowing a younger one to navigate a camera.

10. USE A PROP – Sometimes people get nervous for photos and it can be useful to give them a prop to divert some of their attention. Something from the event you are at, or a piece of clothing or even another person! People can get anxious if being photographed all alone, so the more the merrier.

And of course, because we are the repair guys and we see EVERYTHING, watch out for stray liquids and always make good use of your camera’s strap!

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