Camera Repair Work Order of the Week: Numero Uno

by Andrew on

Bricked Camera

As you might imagine, we see some items come in for repair that would make most anyone wonder how the heck it happened. Sometimes, there is a really good story behind the damage. You may remember our recent post about the solar eclipse camera damage which has served as our inspiration for this new series.  For the curious minded, we are going to share those interesting repairs with you!

Ever drive down the freeway and suddenly find an object hurling toward you? Did that object smash through your windshield and break your camera? This happened to one of our recent customers. Allow me to let our customer explain: “Camera (with lens attached) was hit by 4.6lb metal brick going about 100mph. Brick broke through windshield then traveled into the back seat–colliding with the camera bag.” Now, camera cases do a decent job, most of the time, protecting cameras. But in special circumstances like this, you really can’t blame the camera bag.

There is good news and bad news to this story. First the bad news, the camera body has so much damage that it is not economical to repair; in other words, it would have cost as much or more as purchasing a new one. The good news, however, is one of their two lenses only took minor repairable damage and the other wasn’t hurt at all. Also, the owner of said brick appears to be taking care of it.

Camera Bricked

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